Clarifying the True Essence of Reiki


As a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher for 10 years, I have spent the last 2 years re-learning Reiki and the initial teachings Usui Sensei provided for his students in the 1920’s. This week, I explain 4 reasons why I felt the need to re-learn, and un-learn, information about The System of Reiki as it is being taught in the West. The research and training I site for the verification of this information is from the International House of Reiki and the co-founder, Frans Stiene. He has extensively investigated and consulted with those closely affiliated with Usui Sensei in Japan.

Today, I choose to clarify one of the biggest misconceptions people have when they 1) LEARN about Reiki Level 3, otherwise known as Reiki Master Training 2) HEAR the word Master.

In Japan, Level 3 is referred to as Shinpinden Reiki III. It is translated as “mystery teachings” and does not imply that one who completes Level 3 MASTERS all there is to know about Reiki or life or the journey. The word Master has a very different connotation in English and is not the energy of what the true teachings of Shinpinden are really about. I have seen people roll their eyes when they hear the word “master” and I am here to say the original source of Reiki Level 3 is Not claiming one now knows all.

Shinpinden provides a Reiki student with further support to continue the personal discovery of True Self and to go deeper still to uncover that Bright Light we all have and Be. Training at this level further enhances the student’s confidence in practicing and integrating Reiki into every breath, having a stronger connection to the Universal Life Force Energy that sustains all of life on Earth.

Students are given the teaching techniques so that after Shinpinden, they are able to pass along the wisdom and knowledge of The Daily System of Reiki to others.

As one may think when they hear the word MASTER, someone with Shinpinden training in the original form, does not claim to have all of the answers or be better than the students. In fact, if one truly understands the essence of Reiki and Reiki training, one knows the teacher and student often trade places even during the actual training! If you have ever taught Reiki, or another spiritual modality, you may also have experienced yourself learning from the student with whom you are sharing the teachings.

The techniques and gifts you acquire from Reiki training – either the Japanese or Western variation – are life long tools with the capacity to profoundly change your life forever!

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