Staying In Your own Boat

Fourteen years a conscious healer and reality maker, I am finally uncovering my tricks and methods for staying in my own boat no matter what others around me are doing. This is truly phenomenal since one of my fun capacities is to go into others’ realities and see what’s going on. Well, I have been not aware of while there, I was copying and duplicating their plots and maneuvers even if they didn’t know how to steer their ship!

Do you ever find yourself doing that? Following along because you thought if they were doing it that way…..?

How many programs in our heads do we run and blindly follow like this?

We often define things as right or wrong, good or bad because it’s what we were told and we didn’t question the source.

Well, after several years of being aware that some of my choices felt off, kind of scewed however ‘right’ under the ‘by-laws’ of society, I began asking myself why that choice? Where is that coming from anyway? It started when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 and felt a strong desire to find a path that wasn’t on the medical protocol received from surgeons and oncologists. The protocol was stuffy, half-assed, and missing compassion and possibilities. How many others felt this way but jumped in THAT boat???? I chose to get my own boat!

14 years later I go sail more easily and joyfully in my own contraption on the water. It can look as I like it.
Better yet, I continue to ask more questions, like I did in 2005, and the wind stays true and violent-free the more I tend to my own boat and all of the techniques I can learn about staying on true course. Through the work of Reiki, Access Consciousness, Abraham, and Dr. Joe Dispenza, I soak up all of the fascinating methods for choosing my course, staying unaffected by others courses, and enjoying my ride whether others are or aren’t.

It is all about energy and staying connected to my own, aware of my own, and aware of when I am being someone else’s. It’s pure magic! Asking, “Who does this belong to?” when I feel like shit for instance. Oh, it changes everything!

It is my favorite course of action when I work with and co-create with clients. Who does this belong to is the #1 tool I start with when someone feels as if he or she is in turbulent or muddy water. Coasting the waves, the ups and downs of life and business and relationships, riding into the sunset, and enjoying the smooth, silky path, side by side, I remind others how they too have this inner compass within that if they stayed the course unapologetically, the waters become easy to navigate under all kinds of circumstances.

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