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A place of Healing and Mentoring for both humans and animals. Offering in-person and distance energy sessions, based in Portland, Oregon. 

"Energy work for body, mind, and soul.
Momentum for your life and business."


Reiki Healing

Allow your body to receive a gentle and relaxing healing sessions using this amazing Japanese technique for alleviating stress and tension. 

Healers and Lightworkers Coaching

1:1 coaching is for healers being called to step up their game into their full potency. The time is now to gain clarity and direction.

Education & Training

By training at Indigo, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a professional with 26-year veteran classroom teacher. Choose from 3 levels of certifications. 

About Indigo Healing


Receiving my first Reiki session converted me. I needed healing in a time where I could have fallen victim. Now, I yearn to heal others.

When you're ready to break free of repeating those patterns you can't seem to shake. When life is insisting you make changes NOW! The time for MOMENTUM is here! Learn more below. 


Are you a healer seeking training?

Learn from Indigo's practitioner programs today! Click below to learn more about our three certifications to choose from. 

  • Private Reiki TrainingCertification

For 14 years, I’ve provided an in depth and thorough certification program combining East and West teaching.

  • Advanced Healers' Intensive VIP DayCertification

Your purpose is calling you to step up and start putting those gifts into action. Guidance and support is available now!

  • Animal Reiki Certification

The animals in your life are your best teachers. People say to me all of the time, “I wish they could tell me..” And quite often, “I wish I could help them. I feel so helpless!” They can show you what they need and I’ll show you how you can help!

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Darlene is a wonderful and gifted healer. Her reiki treatments are deeply and profoundly relaxing. I often come in stressed or tired and distracted but always leave calm, grounded and energized. And usually a little bit wiser from her input and thoughtful words.

Rae N.

Portland, OR
A gifted Healer… Darlene’s work is intuitive and powerful! I’ve come to her with much unresolved inner pain and now am walking a centered, joyful woman! She is flexible and even comes to your home! Highly recommend for any life-isms and soul-aches!

Natalia P.

Tigard, OR
indigo healing reiki portland oregon

"It takes a different approach when you are more aware and perhaps overwhelmed by the intensity of what you are sensing."


Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening or energy overwhelm? Let Indigo Healings guide you. Contact us today for your free consult.