Intuition Training Reiki Portland Oregon, Mother's Day Gift

Empaths and energy sensitive beings, your awarenesses are meant to be magical, not keep you isolated.
Embrace ALL of you and learn how!

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Are you a sensitive being to all that happens around you?
If you feel all the feels and experience ongoing overwhelm, you’ve been
led to the space and place where you can find peace and strength.

Welcome to your next step. Welcome to what you asked for…

I’m Darlene Sochin, and as a Reiki Master Teacher, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator and Access Bars Practitioner® and Body and Soul Energy Detective, I gift you leading edge and personalized techniques that give you your power back so you can be the potent healer you came here to be!

If you are ready to
* start creating a new reality with YOUR gifts
* go beyond your limitations and uncover even more of your capacities and magic
* start exploring a life greater than you can ever even imagine…

I invite you to take a deep dive into your well of self-knowing and surefire resources that will sustain and fertilize your future as a healer.

No more old paradigm Healer struggles. The time is now. This journey, your path, is as ease and as light as you choose! We often simply thrive with loving and compassionate support from some one who knows exactly what you are experiencing.

Let’s take the plunge together. Are you all in? Toes first or all the way, I’ve got a resource for you. Ready, set, SPLASH! Click below to schedule your call!

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A gifted Healer… Darlene’s work is intuitive and powerful! I’ve come to her with much unresolved inner pain and now am walking a centered, joyful woman! She is flexible and even comes to your home! Highly recommend for any life-isms and soul-aches!

Natalia P.
Tigard, Oregon


Thank you so much for what you have done for me.  When you first approached me and said I need to be living with “barriers down, everything goes through me”.  I thought you were nuts and felt every defense go up!  After our session, I felt emotionally and spiritually exhausted.  I didn’t think I had any other areas that needed work…I was very wrong!

The days following my session with you were filled with lots of water and naps.  When I got through the initial shock I started to operate with my barriers down.  I started to tune into what God/Source was speaking to me.  I felt like I had clarity and was able to help my clients more efficiently because I wasn’t filtering.  In fact I feel like I’m drawing things to me that I need now that there aren’t barriers.  It’s still a work in progress but I remind myself in moments that I’m tempted to get guarded “barriers down, everything goes through me” and reconnect myself to LOVE!

Thank you thank you thank you!!

Lani W.
Vancouver, Washington


I am doing the training program with Darlene and I must say she is an incredibly intelligent and intuitive woman, I would highly recommend her as a teacher or practitioner!

Rowan G.
Portland, Oregon

Darlene is a wonderful and gifted healer. Her reiki treatments are deeply and profoundly relaxing. I often come in stressed or tired and distracted but always leave calm, grounded and energized. And usually a little bit wiser from her input and thoughtful words.

Rae N.
Portland, Oregon

I share with you my

               safe and loving space.

And with the unique blend of

                education, Reiki, and intuition,

we co-design a practical set of rituals, a personal

                 healing and clearing practice

for finding peace and inner strength.

As a healer and teacher, I am always

                     encouraging self-care first,

supporting anyone seeking to create

                     a healthy connection to self, family, and home.

Creating our intended environment begins with

                                   you healing You!