About Indigo Healings and Mentoring

Whether you strive to find your own inner peace, or provide unconditional love for your family and your children, the first step is to heal your hidden hurts and unmet desires.

Indigo Healings and Mentoring was created with this principle in mind. It is a sacred process designed to help you find peace, and cultivate physical and emotional wellness.

When we ignore the voice of our true selves, symptoms of emotional or physical pain/illness may be present. Healing the core of these symptoms is the key to re-establishing connection our authentic voice.

Our culture often demands that we forget our True Selves, which causes us distress and creates dysfunction. To return to wholeness, we must unwind the patterning of culture’s version of who we think we are, and reconnect with our internal spirit-led intuition.

Cultivating a deep, grounded connection to your True Self – the voice of your authentic self – brings joy, abundance, and peace. It opens your life to limitless possibilities.

I provide assistance to you on the path to reconnection.

Working as part of a team of holistic family and Individual therapists and other energy healers, my office offers a warm and welcoming
atmosphere where you can relax and receive the nurturing your soul is craving.

Call for your free 20 minute consultation today! 503-475-1887

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