“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was recommended that I call and get in touch with Darlene as soon as possible to help me recalibrate and recharge my energy before and after my double mastectomy. Darlene is an angel and a wonderful healer of great gentleness and compassion, and her calm presence brought me so much relief while I was in recovery at the hospital. I honestly feel that she was vital component of my healing journey, and I would recommend her to everyone going into surgery and in need of someone to walk alongside them during the road to recovery.”
-Christina S.


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“I took all of my Reiki training with Darlene and it was by far one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  I chose Darlene because I was intuitively lead to her website and after speaking with her on the phone I simply knew she was the right person for me.

Darlene creates such a loving and safe environment, not only for learning but for healing as well.  I went into this because I had an interest in Reiki and I needed some continuing education credits for my massage license.  What I didn’t expect was to have a total life transformation, but that’s exactly what I got.

Darlene is the most amazing healer I have yet to meet.  I literally feel like a whole new person after finishing my classes with her.  She has the biggest heart and most loving compassionate soul.  Despite being an incredible healer, Darlene is shockingly humble.  She never takes credit for the healing that happens and always give the credit to the Reiki energy and describes herself as a vessel and a conduit.  She is generous with her knowledge and gives you absolutely everything you need to become a Reiki practitioner and healer.

My entire life changed for the better during my Reiki training.  I came in to see Darlene during one of the most challenging times of my life, I was broken, used and wanting to give up.  By the end of my training I left feeling whole, motivated, creative, capable, full of life and ready to take on the world.  This experience was exactly what my soul needed.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.  I consider her a mentor, a teacher, a healer and a friend.  Choosing her for my Reiki instructor was one of the best decisions I have made.  I got a billion times more than I ever expected and I simply love her and what she has to offer.

If you are considering Reiki training in a safe, nurturing, one-on-one environment.  I would most defiantly give her a call.  If you like the idea of being able to incorporate your own ideas and knowledge into your Reiki style, Darlene is the person for you.  Far from rigid, she allows you to add your own style and grant you creative freedom to practice Reiki in the way that best suites you.  If your spirit is ready, you will gain much from this gifted and gracious woman.  She is a blessing to know and learn from.”

-Nicole Hilliard, Portland Oregon


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“Darlene is kind in her approach to teaching of Reiki.  She is very clear in answering questions and uplifting towards the student.  Any questions are considered without judgment and I felt supported in all aspects.   Her teaching is positive, and encouraging to move forward with personal and professional goals. I look forward to working further with Darlene in my future endeavors with Reiki as well as related courses she has to offer. Learning with Darlene was and is a gift.”

-Katherine Wilkinson, Reiki Master, Accunect Practitioner, BA in Music


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“If you are looking for a very nurturing, healing, relaxing Reiki and chakra balancing session, I highly recommend Darlene’s work. I was feeling a bit off balance lately and in need of some energy support and balancing and after a session with Darlene this week, I feel much more grounded and my energy feels more balanced! Darlene has a very gentle, soothing presence that supports healing and relaxation!”
-Lyn Demastro, Yoga Therapist/Teacher and Biofeedback Therapist


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“My Healing Session with Darlene was magical (to say the least!) When I booked my session with Darlene I was feeling “off” and “zapped”. I was irritable, stressed with wedding planning and ready for an energetic tune-up.

When I arrived at Darlene’s office she explained her process to me and we did a guided visualization that was seriously mind-blowing and very moving. In this visualization I realized that there were a few negative patterns that I had been holding onto for years…and that it was time to let them go. I was also given clear guidance from my guides (via Darlene) about concrete situations/places that I could go to that would help me balance my chakras.

At the end, Darlene sealed all this bliss with balancing reiki…so lovely!

I’m now recommending many friends her way who are having various life struggles. This is gooooood stuff and I highly recommend that you take advantage of what Darlene has been put on this earth to do!”
-Anna Long, Business Consultant


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“Darlene of Insync Energy is an AMAZINGLY intuitive healer! She takes the time to get to the root of the issue you’re having so she can offer you the most effective healing possible. She has wonderful energy and powerful healing capabilities! She has helped me so much, it’s amazing. There were things I didn’t even know were going on with my emotional/spiritual health that were causing my physical issues and she got right to the bottom of it all and helped me to move past old energy blocks so i could move forward into my highest wellness potential! I HIGHLY recommend her work. She’s also an awesome teacher, and I have studied Reiki with her….thorough, informative, and tailors her teaching to the individual’s needs. Simply AWESOME!”
-Samira A.


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