The Evidence Grows

Have you recently had a break-through moment or a thought that expanded your heart and reminded you that your resilience and hard work is now unfolding beautifully?
Just a few minutes ago, as I was driving my dog home from the vet, I realized that after several years as a healer and a teacher, I am Truly and daily Being and Embodying the words and energizes I talk about with my clients and friends 😃
I see how powerful the practice of the process really is. Over time, it is more clear. More tangible. However, yes, it takes practice to see and experience it in all areas of life.
Transformation had already occurred for me. I don’t know exactly when. It doesn’t even matter. The point is, I crossed some bridge or made some shift in my reality that consistency and faith gradually brought me to this eye-opening realization that this shit works!
What works? Well, first of all, acknowledging stress and struggle has existed in my life and body and that I was no longer going to accept ‘as it is a part of being human’, ‘such is life’, or agreeing to ‘occasionally it is bound to happen’. Hell no!
Secondly, being totally conscious of the fact that I DO create my own reality! If I don’t want something to show up, I have the power to create something else.
Will contrast show up? Well, yes. However, the magic IS what you choose with the contrast.
🤔 What do you call it?
🤨 How much energy do you give it?
😬 How long do you commensurate with it?
All very helpful questions that can dynamically shift how you play with contrast.
Would you like another word besides struggle? Or do you prefer that energy to define what you should do with it? Do you sit with it and allow it to stew in your head and body? It’s all just a choice. Just remember what you refer to as, or the amount of time it ripples through your physical self, it gives it the distinction between destruction or contribution as the contrast………
More tomorrow on shifting perceptions of contrasts!

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