Clarifying Reiki Concepts Part 2: Role of the Reiki Teacher


In today’s blog post, I continue to clarify misconceived concepts people have heard, or were even taught in Reiki trainings. The information I share is from The International House of Reiki’s co-founder Frans Stiene, who has diligently researched and interviewed the direct contacts of Usui Sensei.

The topic discussed today is the role of the Reiki teacher. Ten years ago, I was taught, as are still 100’s, perhaps 1000’s, of students in the West, that the Attunement given by the teacher during Reiki training “switches on” your ability to receive and give Reiki. The teacher, many of us are told, gives us the “power” to access Reiki energy and without that teacher or “attunement,” we cannot. Even without researching the way in which Usui Sensei initiated his students to Reiki, which in Japanese is referred to as a Reiju (blessing), we know Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. What does that mean? We already ARE Reiki. We ARE Life Force Energy. The Reiki teacher is NOT giving that to you. YOU ALREADY ARE THAT!

When searching for a Reiki Teacher, ask questions. In regards to my earlier post about the misconception of the term Reiki Master, you can request a description of the 3 Levels of Reiki these teachers offer. And for Reiki Level 3, find out if what they teach is Mastery or mystery. You can also refer to the above information and ask about the process used to initiate students.

It is not that these teachings are “wrong” because it is what has been taught in the West for decades. The teachings of any healing practice will transform a bit as it leaves one culture and is placed into another. The main question to ask is “Which training would you prefer?”

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