21 Days To Freedom

Do you have an ongoing, unresolved topic that keeps coming up and has you stuck in your tracks?
It seems to weave in and out of all areas of your life?

Are you ready to set yourself free?

Is it money, relationships, self-worth, family, doubt and vagueness, lack of motivation?

As a Reiki healer, Potency Coach, and Energy Detective, I can co-create a 3-week dive into what is truly weighing you down and keeping you captive to this energy. It may be something completely different than you have thought. As we uncover the story and what has kept it valuable, you’ll receive the awarenesses required to break free.

  • What you can expect:
  • Energy Body Processes
  • Facilitation coaching and questions
  • Intuitive action steps to follow
  • Three 60 minute online facilitation sessions
  • 21-day access to a private Facebook page for interaction in between sessions

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