Signs That You Need To Reiki Your Daily Reiki Practice



I don’t know about you, but as this year progresses, so do my personal challenges. Time is moving quickly and I often feel as if I have to catch up to it. To what I am not even sure. To a goal, a person, a business plan, my house cleaning, the green and yellow traffic lights, my self-care appointments.

Luckily, however, I have this phenomenal tool called Reiki! And today I am reaching out to those of you who also have this life changing wand in your “make-up drawer”. Sometimes life gets so busy and fast and overwhelming that we forget the coping skills we have been gifted, especially us Reiki’d folks. It is there. Always. And like I was telling a client the other day who has Reiki Level 2 and didn’t think to use it, if I didn’t teach Reiki every month, I could easily have forgotten it was so accessible, like the air we breathe, too.

Are you feeling stressed and overstretched?
Tired, depressed, and low energy?
Trouble sleeping?
Frustrated like you’re running on a hamster wheel not going anywhere?
Hungry and eating things you know make your symptoms that much worse?
Easily triggered emotions–anger, crying, fear, anxiety?
Stuck and unclear about what you should do next?
Lack of focus?

Hmmm. Do you have Reiki training but haven’t dusted off your daily Reiki practice in a while? With all that is going on in modern day life, that vessel you once cleared the way for the healing and relaxing Reiki energy to flow through, has really clogged up and is dragging you down!

If this sounds like you, I would sure love to help! I know exactly how you are feeling. What’s kept me from hibernating all winter and all the way to the month of May is reconnecting with Reiki every day. No matter how bad I have felt, I continue practicing my daily Reiki routine. It doesn’t mean bad shit will stop happening. It is a tool for helping to keep us calm during the chaos. Level-headed when the world seems to be spinning out of control. Appreciative of friends’ laughter when everywhere else there is yelling and barking.

                                                              HOW CAN I HELP YOU?

* Re-attunements which can help clear your sacred vessel of all the debris you’ve collected and raise your vibration
* A Reiki session if you have neglected your own need for receiving healing
* Emotional Balancing
* Energy Detox, Aura Field Cleansing
* Chakra Balancing to bring about harmony throughout your energy system
* Meditation techniques from the original Reiki tradition Usui would teach his students
* Re-evaluating or rekindling your daily Reiki practice

The time is now to uncover and dust off those Reiki hands!

Remember what it was like to first feel that rush of healing energy flow through every cell of your body? Your hands and crown tingled for days?

Reconnect to that awe and thrill of being able to call in peace and serenity.

Imagine being there again, as if for the very first time you met your Reiki hands. Connect with me here and we can talk about what you are interested in receiving and we will put together your ‘Re-connection To Reiki’ package. Reacquaint yourself with your Reiki soul; she misses you!


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