Part 3: Clarifying Reiki Concepts-Practitioner Feeling Tired


You may have previously read or learned Reiki practitioners feel tired after providing sessions for clients because you did not ground or you “took on the energy” of the client. I will say one word to demonstrate how simple it is to avoid these explanations: CHOICE.

Choice is the first example I use today of how to prevent feeling tired after Reiki clients. What are you choosing to have happen during that session? Do you want the client to feel better, have a good experience while on your table, thinking about hand placements? All of this thinking expends energy before and during what is supposed to be relaxing for both of you.

Are you doing daily self-Reiki so that you’re feeling well during your sessions?

Are you resting and drinking plenty of water?

Are you simply Being the Reiki and letting it flow to where it goes without considering how and if it will work?

Reiki sessions, in and of themselves, would not cause exhaustion. Sharing and being Reiki may relax you as the practitioner. If you are just asking and choosing to Be Reiki, you will not be “taking on” your clients’ energy. It is a choice. We DO have that much control. If you are feeling tired after offering Reiki to 1 or more clients, ask yourself the questions above and make sure you are taking care of you first.

I invite you to email or call me for a consultation if you find this interesting. It was definitely not what I was taught in 2 of the Western variations of Reiki training I took. I am happy to share more of you seek further explanation! Contact

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