Magical and Loving Mentoring and Coaching Possibilities
For You and Your Soul!


Step Into Your Potency! – For Empaths and Highly Sensitive Beings

It takes a different approach when you are more aware and perhaps overwhelmed by the intensity of what you are sensing.

When you are ready to take that leap the Universe
has been waiting for!

You feel that it is time to make your statement yet you hesitate and are unsure of your ability to process and ‘manage’ the amount of energy coming through.

Empaths and highly sensitive souls are deep feelers of the heart.
You’d like to offer your gifts to the world but you don’t know where to start.

The key is to acknowledge and embrace your capacity for heightened awareness.

Even then, you start and stop as you feel the need ‘to be safe’ yet you ache for momentum.

The ideal concept is to change. End the fear of having to stay comfortable. What???

That is where having someone to walk you through the door and out of your comfort zone will assist you with finally breaking free!

Here’s your chance to change and step up and turn up your purpose and potency!

There is a process that will allow you to rewrite the patterns that keep you wanting to simply stay in your comfort zone and survive.

Right here IS the place!

If you have been turning off your gifts as a result of a need to stay safe and to make sure you survive, beautiful Being, you have yet to experience your divine purpose for being here, for having a body, for fulfilling your soul’s need for Joy! Step Into Your Potency is your manifested ask if you no longer want to choose small and safe:
* from the overwhelm
* to fit in
* to not be judged
* for someone else’s comfort
* fear of your capacities
* or not sure what they are
* you were scared to ask and to do it alone

What if you had support?
* Someone to talk to who totally understands exactly what you’re going through? Who can truly see you and get you?

* A mentor who’s been there and can walk with you down your path and has your back with each crossroads you come across?

Spirituality, intuition, and metaphysics can seem overwhelming, and at times, unclear, maybe not easy to navigate all of the paths and channels.

I’ve seen so many Empaths and highly sensitive gifted, loving, purpose-full Beings turn away, shut down, vanish, or hide. We need you now more than ever. And never mind that, you need you! Your gifts need you. Your body and soul need you.

These glorious gifts were gifted to You.

The beautiful soul reading this knows it’s for your eyes and heart to soak in.

You know.

It’s your time to shine.

Your gifts will keep reminding you they’re there. Believe me, I know what happens when they’re ignored and so desire to be shared and utilized. If I can just show you the Light you be, the Gift you be……

If it is a hand to hold you need, a pair of ears to listen, a heart to share it all with, someone who can show you it isn’t scary. It doesn’t have to be hard. And there are others who Do get You so you don’t have to pretend you are someone your not or turn off who you are.

In this transformation, the costume, that no longer fits, is replaced by the True You that was there all along. Alone you are not. Never were.

And by your side is someone who:
💖 gets you
💖 listens to you
💖 knows exactly what those fears are
💖 is holding that candle so you can see your path and find your way
💖 a loving heart who will Provide you with the Tools to do it, not tell you How to
💖 has years of experience learning how to get up again and again
💖 a playful, joyful spirit that will Empower you to acknowledge your Own gifts, not tell you what they are
💖 pop up potency calls

Taking this leap onto the unknown ride of your life will be the most fun, uncertain, magical, expansive time you’ve ever had. I’ll be there with you as you explore your gifts with a mentor who gets you, listens, and Encourages you to be only You!

What does Step Into Your Potency Mentoring at Indigo Healings look like?

* Questionnaire to answer
* Free 30 minute consult
* Defining your message
* Describing your clients
* Clarifying the results of your services
* Exploring your business model preferences
How you design your offers-1-1 healings, group, workshops, book, blog, etc
* Uncovering the marketing platforms you favor
* Getting you set up with a plan-what, who, where
* Targets and goals
* Healing sessions included
Clearings, Energizing, Dissipating old beliefs and ideas that may slow you down or stop
* Accountability

What qualifies me to Support you with mentoring and changing and potency building?

I’ve spent 14 years developing a combination of energy healing, intuitive guidance, and the powerful resources found in Nature.

Together, this synergy I call Indigo healings, helps you to recognize the patterns, tune into how your body would like to set them free, and harness the revitalizing energy of the earth.

The process is unique to each body, therefore created to harmonize specifically with what works for You at any given moment in time.

> Dissipating the Fears and Doubts
Dialogue and healing sessions using my personal tools Access Bars, Reiki, and intuitive guidance based on YOUR energy, questions, answers, and beautifully enough, tuning into the energy of your gifts and hidden fears.

> Intuitively Creating a Life That Lights YOU Up
At the end of the day, creating a joyful can be fun and consistent.
As an energy detective, I read what may be standing in your way, patterns and beliefs deeply ingrained in your  body. From there, we create the model and framework that integrates your body, mind, and soul.

This is NOT a ‘one blueprint fits all mentoring program.

Perhaps you just want a one time review and discovery consult.

Arrange a consult here and we can chat about how you can be supported in creating the lasting changes so you can build the life you’ve been dreaming of. The time truly is now!

There are 4 levels of 1-1 mentoring you can join at any time!
Start with a Discovery call and choose where you would like to begin
so that your business can shine its beautiful being into the world.


Here are the 1-1 Mentoring Choices

8 week Mentoring Package
30 minutes weekly online, face to face Zoom check-ins
45 minute energy healing session every other week (4 all together)

Checking in, accountability with goals continued growth.
* PLEASE NOTE-  Your sessions will be a healing of a block or
re-energizing your mood and creative flow!
Investment $750

3 Month Coaching

All available online and in-person
* 20 minute Discovery Consult
* 90 minute initial 1-1 session during which we talk about your gifts, goals, and
what is inspiring you at this time. This session also includes energy work and clearings to support your goals
and to empower you to start acknowledging and using your gifts
* WEEKLY check-in calls
* 3 scheduled clearing and energy work sessions (45 minutes each)
* Set of tools and resources to practice and play with that match energy of each session and call
* recordings of all calls to continue the magic
* pdf’s of tools from each call and session
* unlimited email support

Investment for 3 months of dynamic mentoring, email support, weekly calls
and healing:

Imagine Being ALL of you.

Come forward fearlessly and joyfully with all of your magical gifts you Be and have!

Your treasures inside of you are hoping you find them……

If it is time to step into your potency, I look forward to mentor and support your beautiful journey…..