Indigo Business Management

So you can enjoy doing what you love, I am here to support you with your business presence online and to be a sounding board for your creation ideas.

One of my passions is to dive into clients’ businesses to give them a tangible, emotional, and visual expression. The process involves sitting with everything that makes up your business, the website, social media content, programs, classes, books, blogs, AND your dreams not yet materialized. We analyze what is happening for your business now, what you would like to change, add, and expand upon. A monthly or one time session, I ask you specific questions so you can dive deep into your vision and how you’d like your business to invite that into this reality.

Whether you choose one session at a time, or a monthly mentoring plan, you explain what you require from me to help move your business forward:
* Social Media Content Creation and Management
* Website Content Editing
* Idea Brainstorming
* Video Topics
* Writing Schedules and Topics
* Program and Class Development
* Clarity Chats/Focus Reboot
* Weekly Accountability Check-Ins
* Monthly Reviews-Technical Insights and Performance  Assessments

How much more ease can you ask for if you have:
* a team player here to keep you on track with your business
* someone who can take care of little administrative details you would prefer to delegate
* collaborate with creative and intuitive talents to help you establish programs and turn ideas into beautiful offerings for your clients
* the presence of enthusiastic energy that is intended to encourage and remind you of why you do what you do. Like a little cheerleader routing for you!

One Time Session: $185

Monthly Mentoring Plan: Personalized Business Agreement will be drafted.
It depends on your specific needs from my offerings and how frequently you require my attention and services.
For example, you may need weekly check-ins and creations support or social media management.
Call or email me today to chat about what your needs look like!