Indigo Business Alignment Session

Discover what sparks, and RE-sparks, your creative juices into motion as an aspiring business owner!!!

I call this eye-opening, life-changing experience Business Energetics. We spend countless hours reading books and listening to the experts, hiring a coach(es), taking personality quizzes, and trying to fit ourselves into archetypes so we can create a business based on our wants, dreams, and attributes. There is one aspect of business hardly anyone addresses, therefore, it usually gets overlooked and neglected. That would be asking the business what it thinks and would like to create. Actually having a talk with it!

Business Energetics is the first step in acknowledging that your business is an entity and has its own energy and capacities. Everything is energy and carries a specific vibration. The word ‘entity’ is even used in contracts and agreements in reference to businesses. That is defining it as the dictionary states: Entity: “A person, partnership, organization, or business that has a legal and separately identifiable existence.” As your business exists separately and independently from you, it comes with it a sense of presence and possibilities that you may not be able to see. This is your first building block to develop a line of communication to all of the options that are available by starting a conscious relationship with this entity that is choosing you with whom to share its desires.

Welcome to your first conversation with the entity that is your business, all the way from Consciousness.

Aligning your dreams and passions with all that your business has to show you is the foundation of a healthy, flourishing, sustainable business.

Business Energeticcs is for you if:

You creatively feel stagnant, heavy, or blocked

As a writer, your words are not coming to you like usual

You are unsure where to market or where to show up to be more visible for your audience

Your business is staggering and you would like to align with practical action steps

Clarity and where to start may elude you.
AND CAPTURE THE SPARK YOU HAD WHEN YOU FIRST CREATED IT! Tapping back into the why in your heart.

What the session looks like:

Looking into your deepest passions and joyful spaces where your ideas originated; recollecting the moment of the business’ conception

Visit the ‘why’ through meditation and intuitive dialogue

Start asking it questions about what it desires to be and what it would like from you

It is like going out for an intimate dinner and expressing your wants as well as listening to your partner’s

Share your vision and your expectations and I’ll show you what the energy of the business has the capacity to create in the world. Just as an intuitive can picture future possibilities for you and your life, my gift is to read the energy and see the possibilities your business is offering you.

You are then given tools and questions to continue having this conversation and building this relationship with your business daily and independently.

Ticket to Your 90-120 Minute Indigo Business Energetics Alignment Session to create a lively, fulfilling relationship with you business so you can both soar to new heights! Interested in a consult to learn more, go here today Book Now
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