All Reiki sessions and programs are available to you in-office and long-distance via Skype or phone.

Reiki Session

Allow your body to receive a gentle and relaxing healing using this amazing Japanese technique for alleviating stress and tension.

You remain fully clothed and relaxed on the healing table while light hands-on and slightly above body hand positions are applied. From start to finish, your initial session is 90 minutes in duration. As a professional and conscientious Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, it is important for me to spend quality time with you as our first session, reviewing your history and what you would like to receive from our time together. Click here to read more about what to expect during a Reiki treatment.

Click here for information about private Reiki Training and learn how to nourish your own soul with self-Reiki treatments.

90 minutes in duration

60 minutes in duration

Schedule your Reiki session here. If hours not convenient, please call for other options!
* Partial or full payment upon scheduling your appointment
* Call if you are redeeming a gift certificate 503-475-1887


Access Bars Session

Are you ready to choose change?
Seriously ready to do what it takes to find out what else is possible?

An Access Bars session has the capacity to discharge your thoughts, self-limitations and judgments, and
your doubts holding you in place, spinning the hamster wheel, trying everything yet still going nowhere….
You don’t have any doubts about yourself or your life choices, do you?
You do?
Who do they belong to? Were you taught to have doubts, fears, and to struggle to get results?
Would you like to not carry those burdens anymore?
Would you like to have more ease in all areas of your life?
How is that possible you ask?

I invite you to experience an Access Bars session and start getting rid of what keeps stopping you from having the life you desire. These thoughts and ideas solidify themselves in your body as stuck energy. There are 32 points on the head, when lightly touched, will activate the body to release this solidification.

What is the benefit for you? A life, your life, filled with the magical possibilities you were not willing to have or acknowledge that are yours for the asking. Once you discharge the old crap keeping you from thinking you can’t have anything except what you have now, anything is possible. The Universe, AND YOU, are truly infinite.

It is what it is or would you prefer to CHANGE what is?

Schedule your 90 minute Access Bars Session
Price: $125

Life Purpose Session

Discover what sparks your creative juices into motion as an aspiring
health and wellness business owner!!!

Does your creativity feel stagnant, heavy, or blocked?
Have you been wanting to write yet the words are not coming to you like usual?
Are you an artist and you just seem to be uninspired as of late?
Do you simply feel bored with life and would like to create a more enjoyable one?
Clarity and where to start may elude you.

With this intuitive energy healing, meditation, journey all rolled into one magical session,
you will go higher into your consciousness and imagination than you ever thought possible.
You will be joined by ALL OF THE ENERGIES OF THE UNIVERSE wanting to contribute to your
remarkable capacities as a creator, as a magician, as the brilliant infinite being you came here to be!

Are you ready for the exploration of a lifetime?
Yes, you would like to buy your ticket to visit every molecule of your body and all the energies you truly be?

Are you willing to look into your deepest passions and joyful spaces where you have been hiding your inspiration?

Climb aboard, your business and clients are waiting!!!

Ticket to Your 90 Minute Life Purpose Session to create a healing business!