Staying In Your own Boat

Staying In Your own Boat

Fourteen years a conscious healer and reality maker, I am finally uncovering my tricks and methods for staying in my own boat no matter what others around me are doing. This is truly phenomenal since one of my fun capacities is to go into others’ realities and see what’s going on. Well, I have been not aware of while there, I was copying and duplicating their plots and maneuvers even if they didn’t know how to steer their ship!

Do you ever find yourself doing that? Following along because you thought if they were doing it that way…..?

How many programs in our heads do we run and blindly follow like this?

We often define things as right or wrong, good or bad because it’s what we were told and we didn’t question the source.

Well, after several years of being aware that some of my choices felt off, kind of scewed however ‘right’ under the ‘by-laws’ of society, I began asking myself why that choice? Where is that coming from anyway? It started when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 and felt a strong desire to find a path that wasn’t on the medical protocol received from surgeons and oncologists. The protocol was stuffy, half-assed, and missing compassion and possibilities. How many others felt this way but jumped in THAT boat???? I chose to get my own boat!

14 years later I go sail more easily and joyfully in my own contraption on the water. It can look as I like it.
Better yet, I continue to ask more questions, like I did in 2005, and the wind stays true and violent-free the more I tend to my own boat and all of the techniques I can learn about staying on true course. Through the work of Reiki, Access Consciousness, Abraham, and Dr. Joe Dispenza, I soak up all of the fascinating methods for choosing my course, staying unaffected by others courses, and enjoying my ride whether others are or aren’t.

It is all about energy and staying connected to my own, aware of my own, and aware of when I am being someone else’s. It’s pure magic! Asking, “Who does this belong to?” when I feel like shit for instance. Oh, it changes everything!

It is my favorite course of action when I work with and co-create with clients. Who does this belong to is the #1 tool I start with when someone feels as if he or she is in turbulent or muddy water. Coasting the waves, the ups and downs of life and business and relationships, riding into the sunset, and enjoying the smooth, silky path, side by side, I remind others how they too have this inner compass within that if they stayed the course unapologetically, the waters become easy to navigate under all kinds of circumstances.

Looking for tips and strategies that keep you on course, on board your own ship, and skilled to encounter the obstacles you may face, visit the fun, individualized healing and intuitive life planning program we can create together Life on Purpose Coaching.


Body Intuition-Who Knows Your Body Best?




Diseases, disorders and syndromes. Oh my! Protocol: prescriptions. Even if some doctors don’t know the cause or are unsure of what something is, they write a prescription for the symptoms. I went into a typical medical clinic a few years ago for radiating abdominal pain. They had me take a few tests, one was for bladder infection. It showed up negative.

The doctor, “Well, even though it was negative, I can’t imagine what else would cause that pain where you’re pointing to (HE DIDNT EVEN GET OUT OF HIS CHAIR TO CHECK FOR HIMSELF!!!). So, let’s put you on an antibiotic for a bladder infection.”

I still felt powerless back then but did question his decision and most definitely brought to his attention that I was allergic to most of the typical antibiotics available. Do you know what he did? He went on google, right there in the examining room, to look up something to give me that didn’t have penicillin or sulfa in it!!! He scrolled down some list and said, “Ah, here’s one.” I don’t even know if it had anything to do with bladder infections but I didn’t have one anyway nor was I going to take it. I wish I had the balls I have now to speak up and tell him perhaps a new career was on his horizon.

I was already involved with holistic methods for healing and decided to visit a medical intuitive to find out what was lurking in my abdomen which MY OWN intuition told me was not a bladder infection. Within 2 minutes of my session I had my answer. It was a big, angry uterine fibroid! Yes, creating 2 or 3 symptoms similar to bladder trouble. She did recommend an ultra sound for more clarity. I scheduled my appointment and sure enough, there it was.

This post is not about bashing doctors or their overuse of prescription medication protocol. I would not judge someone who followed this regiment. We are taught to trust our medical professionals and believe that the years of training they always remind us of have given them an upper hand in knowing what’s going on in our bodies.

This important entry is about bringing awareness to You, letting you know that you have a right to speak up if a doctor’s opinion does not resonate with you in regards to your body and your health. You have the option to dig deeper, ask for more answers, go for a second opinion.

You may ask yourself, “But how can I possibly question a doctor? I have no medical training.”

What you do have is an intuitive connection to your own body!

Honor that. Recognize the importance of Being your body and having the ability to tune into what is going on inside of it. This is where Reiki and learning about life force energy can play a big role in your health and wellbeing. The more you work with Reiki, a tangible, undeniable vibration and flow of life force, the more aware you become of how it flows, or doesn’t flow, up and down your body.

I will walk you through an exercise that I typically teach clients to reconnect them to their body.

Close your eyes for a few moments and tune into your breath. Take time to breathe effortlessly and calmly and feel a connection to the natural rhythm of the breath. Your stomach will rise on the inhale and release during the exhale. Repeat. With each breath, you will begin to notice your circulation flowing more intensely, the pumping of your life force energy into your arms and fingers, legs and toes. Feel your body growing warmer as each breath fills you with consistent energy flow. Breathe in this manner until you feel you are fully present and tuned into your beautiful, energy-filled divine body.

After doing this exercise a few times, or even once, people instantly feel the energy coursing through their body. Then the magic happens. They start to feel where the flow stops! Where the block of energy is stagnant! Where the issue at hand is presenting itself to consciousness!

That’s where I step in and gently guide you through specific healing techniques to the root of the energy block. You will intuitively be shown the heart of the disharmony and to what in your life it is connected. This comes as a knowing or a feeling or an image in your mind’s eye of who or what is contributing to your block.

Trust in connection to your own body is acknowledged. Health can be achieved. From there, healing can proceed.

You can step into this exercise whenever and where ever you want. Even at the doctor’s office. Don’t be afraid to share with your medical practitioner if you have questions. If you want more answers before stepping into their recommendations.

There is nothing wrong with asking for clarification or expressing your intuition about Your Own Body.

There is everything right about intuitive self-care and connecting to the signals your body wants you to hear.

It is your right to be in charge of your own health.

Empower yourself.

Learn tools to help you be more confident in your connection to your own body and intuition when it comes to ease and order within. Reiki, meditation, and exercises to strengthen your intuitive connection to your body are my specialties. As a cancer survivor, and patient in the traditional healthcare system, I can teach you what I’ve learned in order to become more empowered and confident if health challenges occur. You have optoions and power. Let’s uncover both and have you take control of your own health and wellbeing.

Signs That You Need To Reiki Your Daily Reiki Practice



I don’t know about you, but as this year progresses, so do my personal challenges. Time is moving quickly and I often feel as if I have to catch up to it. To what I am not even sure. To a goal, a person, a business plan, my house cleaning, the green and yellow traffic lights, my self-care appointments.

Luckily, however, I have this phenomenal tool called Reiki! And today I am reaching out to those of you who also have this life changing wand in your “make-up drawer”. Sometimes life gets so busy and fast and overwhelming that we forget the coping skills we have been gifted, especially us Reiki’d folks. It is there. Always. And like I was telling a client the other day who has Reiki Level 2 and didn’t think to use it, if I didn’t teach Reiki every month, I could easily have forgotten it was so accessible, like the air we breathe, too.

Are you feeling stressed and overstretched?
Tired, depressed, and low energy?
Trouble sleeping?
Frustrated like you’re running on a hamster wheel not going anywhere?
Hungry and eating things you know make your symptoms that much worse?
Easily triggered emotions–anger, crying, fear, anxiety?
Stuck and unclear about what you should do next?
Lack of focus?

Hmmm. Do you have Reiki training but haven’t dusted off your daily Reiki practice in a while? With all that is going on in modern day life, that vessel you once cleared the way for the healing and relaxing Reiki energy to flow through, has really clogged up and is dragging you down!

If this sounds like you, I would sure love to help! I know exactly how you are feeling. What’s kept me from hibernating all winter and all the way to the month of May is reconnecting with Reiki every day. No matter how bad I have felt, I continue practicing my daily Reiki routine. It doesn’t mean bad shit will stop happening. It is a tool for helping to keep us calm during the chaos. Level-headed when the world seems to be spinning out of control. Appreciative of friends’ laughter when everywhere else there is yelling and barking.

                                                              HOW CAN I HELP YOU?

* Re-attunements which can help clear your sacred vessel of all the debris you’ve collected and raise your vibration
* A Reiki session if you have neglected your own need for receiving healing
* Emotional Balancing
* Energy Detox, Aura Field Cleansing
* Chakra Balancing to bring about harmony throughout your energy system
* Meditation techniques from the original Reiki tradition Usui would teach his students
* Re-evaluating or rekindling your daily Reiki practice

The time is now to uncover and dust off those Reiki hands!

Remember what it was like to first feel that rush of healing energy flow through every cell of your body? Your hands and crown tingled for days?

Reconnect to that awe and thrill of being able to call in peace and serenity.

Imagine being there again, as if for the very first time you met your Reiki hands. Connect with me here and we can talk about what you are interested in receiving and we will put together your ‘Re-connection To Reiki’ package. Reacquaint yourself with your Reiki soul; she misses you!


6 Tips to Reconnect To Your Intuition

You know that feeling, a strong pull in your gut, an inner voice giving you advice. Your intuition. Intuition is a knowing without having to research the reasoning behind it. This is inner knowledge you can feel your body connect with that, without too much energy and contemplation, simply clicks. We are all born with an inner knowing and our bodies are designed to inform us of this connection and realization immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. I keep reading intuition is like a muscle. If you practice using it, it expands and develops to become a stronger part of who you are. The more it develops, the more you begin trusting what it is telling you. Really, what YOU are telling you. Here are 6 steps you can take that help to exercise and reconnect with that part of you that sometimes goes underused and undervalued:

1) Meditate Give yourself time weekly, if not daily, to sit quietly. Discover your own form of meditation.

2) Reiki ***(receiving Reiki sessions and learning how to do self-Reiki treatments) My favorite. This form of healing and energy work supports your life force energy within, tapping directly into your intuition which is the mind to body connection. The flow of life force energy that Reiki generates awakens a tangible sensation within your body. Even though it may be quiet and subtle, it is a divine form of communication from your heart to your brain.

3) Practice gratitude Before going to sleep each night, consider what you have to be thankful for in this life

4) Spend time outside If there is ever going to be a surefire way and time to connect to an inner voice, outdoors where the senses come alive is the ticket

5) Be creative Write, paint, pick up some clay, dance, put a collage together of beautiful pictures and give rise to your imagination

6) Yoga Some of the poses encourage the third eye chakra to open up, the emotional center for intuitive thoughts ***To learn more about Reiki, tap onto this link and begin tapping into your inner knowing:

Always 13 When Visiting Home

As many of us experience, sometimes visiting family can be quite shocking to the system-energetically and emotionally. Even if it is just because there is a change in our normal routine, the whole body can be sent out of wack, spiraling downward into a puddle of mush on the floor. That is where I found myself this morning. 

With each return after a visit home as an adult, it is taking a shorter amount of time for me to readjust back to ‘normalcy’. We grow and change and sometimes our family likes things the way they are, well, were. I decided to stop trying to make them change, to see things my way. I love them how they are and I recognize offering health or wellness advice creates much anxiety for them. Rather than making it a battle trying to convince them of all I learned during and after cancer, I must just be there and just BE when I visit.

It isn’t easy though. But I have stopped trying to prove anything or force my opinions on them. And no matter how much I’ve grown, or how I behave when I am 3,000 miles away, there is something about being with family, those who knew me as I was, that makes me revert right back to childhood behaviors. The lack of confidence bubbles back up to the surface, the fears and doubts of my adult choices rush back into my head and gut.

Each visit I believe I can avoid returning to my 13 year old self. But by day 3, there she is, shy, frightened, doubtful 13 year old Dar. I cry, yell, and wave my hands around when my perspective is overlooked. I grow impatient and frustrated and short tempered. And then it happens. Mom cries. And reminds me how she only gets to see me twice a year and she never knows when will be the last time because I live so far away and……. I didn’t give her grandchildren. Then the Jewish guilt rolls in like a tsunami! 

I spend the evenings repeating in my head that I am the best daughter I can be while I live the life that is best for me. If I lived the life my mom wanted me to (which I actually did try to do!), I would live right around the corner from her in a town that is really for senior citizens, have a kid or 2, and would probably still be a teacher. In other words, I would be miserable living the life she dreams for me (for her). Healthy for absolutely no one. Which is why I cannot do exactly what she wants. Which is why, during each visit, I succumb to Jewish guilt, not being the daughter my mom was for her mom. I accept it now but still feel her disappointment.

I come home to my husband and dogs carrying a boulder on my back. Returning to my life usually takes a long time and literally feels like stepping out of a black hole all discombobulated and living the lives of the childhood Dar and the adult healthier Darlene. Day one or 2 is the big release, about an hour of crying and letting it all out. I pay tribute to the child who continues to reappear, asking for healing and unconditional love. She was always loved, just so overprotected that she was taught and learned to be fearful of everything and anything. I teach her that it’s ok to step out of what everyone else is doing but she does get reprimanded by her mom. I continue to role model for her, regardless of what her family tells her. And I certainly keep making mistakes. But I can tell her that’s ok to do. That’s experiencing life. That’s stepping out so that each time she does, it is less and less scary and more and more exciting. That’s where learning takes place. 

Now, my biggest lesson was having cancer. If it had been up to my mom, obviously, it wouldn’t have happened. However, if it hadn’t, I would not have discovered my life’s purpose, my intuitive gifts, my abilities to help others heal and laugh and grow and find their life’s purpose. I can’t imagine not having had that experience 8 years ago, who I would be right now, not having the life or friends I have or the most important knowledge and wisdom that came from what happened. I take that perspective when I start feeling guilty about not being able to do what mom says would make her happy. Sometimes we have to go through uncomfortable circumstances to learn and grow and also be able to relate to the rest of the world.

I am happy for the good, bad, and ugly. I am thankful for going home and having that child resurface so I can heal her and grow stronger as an adult. I love my family and understand each visit will be an opportunity for hopefully all of us to learn and grow. I am lucky for people who love me so much, who want me close by, who want to hold me and never let me go. My mom is a Jewish mother angel who I know is and will always be there for me no matter what, even if I didn’t give her grandchildren ;-).









Get Your Brave On! Challenge


In my previous post, I talked about bravery, the act of doing something that frightens us. This can be anything outside your comfort zone. For me, when I was little, it was asking the McDonald’s cashier for a packet of ketchup! Well, while praying and crossing my heart to Jesus yesterday as I drove home in a scary snow storm, I opened some exciting, creative pathways on the subject of being brave (yes, this experience of snow driving had something to do with stirring up some more brave in me!).

So, for the month of February, I am going to offer the “Get Your Brave On!” Challenge for my supportive and brave community. When I post, “It’s time to get your brave on,” there will be a fun activity to take part in as you step out of your box for the day. Those who participate will be entered in a drawing to win a free Energetic Reboot Healing Session from Insync Energy! This healing session can be done no matter where you are, remotely or in office. Here’s the link to read more about that:

Our first exercise! Today’s “Get Your Brave On” exercise is to think about something you have done, in the past or recently, that you felt brave for accomplishing. To share your thoughts on reaching into your brave self, you can either enter comments here on the blog or fill out the contact form to send my way. Remember, your experiences can inspire others, too! It doesn’t have to be something like running into a burning building; mine was asking for ketchup at McDonald’s when I was 10! You can include how that felt, what emotions arose for you, how did your body respond to before and after your act of being brave?

Thank you so much for jouneying along with me to unleash and honor your brave, my friends. I’m excited to read your comments!

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Light and Blessings