Business Development and Management

Have you been working at your business for a while now and not yet seeing the results you were hoping?

Are you wondering if it is just a pipe dream and it is time to move on?

Yet, you have this passion and heartfelt connection to what you wanted your business to become?

At Indigo Business Development and Mentoring, we step into the WHY you started it in the first place. The Universe and I are here to give you your spark back! We are here to remind you of the vision that woke you up in the middle of the night and the exhilaration it gave you.

I help you imagine what your business can be in the world. It is what I call Business Energetics. These services I create for business owners are a deep dive into WHAT YOUR BUSINESS HAS THE CAPACITY TO BECOME.

Together, we tap into the energy of what your business has the capacity to create.

During this unique process, you begin to fathom and be able to read your business’ bigger picture.

One of my interesting and fun talents is to be able to feel and foresee the feelings your business can offer your existing and potential clients. I do this if I am helping you create social media content, website content editing, and video or blog topics.

I take my intuitive senses and uncover how your business can most effectively be show up in the reality of who you’re wanting it to reach.

Whether you would like support with social media, website content editing, or exploring all of the platforms and forms of expression that are possible, Indigo takes you through a tangible, visceral journey WITH your business. During our creation work sessions, you answer specific questions that bring you to deeper insights and awarenesses about how to tie all of the pieces into a beautiful package. Our time together will provide you with the answers to how to bring all of your ideas and plans and visions into reality.

It doesn’t stop there……

Asking what you want to create in your business and FROM it as well. Your overall life you’d like to generate that your business can contribute to as a result of being congruent with it and its capacities and services.

Sometimes this is overlooked. The business may struggle if it isn’t clear what the CEO would like from it.

By creating a working relationship with an outside observer, you and your business can develop a loving connection. And learn how to communicate with each other. This unique business process is facilitating and mediating conversation based on your energy, desires, and vision for the possibilities your business can be in the world.

Be and do what lights you up in your business.
Listen to the energy your business is telling you it can create in the world, for your clients, and how it can contribute to the plans you have.

Choosing to be this present with your business AND your dreams gives you the opportunity to have so much fun creating and expanding your business.

One time 90 minute creation work session is available.
Create a plan with a list of goals that will get your business rocking!
Indigo Business Starter $185.

8 and 12 week contract options are available!
This includes social media support, website content editing, blog and video themes, and                                        individualized arrangements based on your needs can be arranged.