Body Intuition-Who Knows Your Body Best?




Diseases, disorders and syndromes. Oh my! Protocol: prescriptions. Even if some doctors don’t know the cause or are unsure of what something is, they write a prescription for the symptoms. I went into a typical medical clinic a few years ago for radiating abdominal pain. They had me take a few tests, one was for bladder infection. It showed up negative.

The doctor, “Well, even though it was negative, I can’t imagine what else would cause that pain where you’re pointing to (HE DIDNT EVEN GET OUT OF HIS CHAIR TO CHECK FOR HIMSELF!!!). So, let’s put you on an antibiotic for a bladder infection.”

I still felt powerless back then but did question his decision and most definitely brought to his attention that I was allergic to most of the typical antibiotics available. Do you know what he did? He went on google, right there in the examining room, to look up something to give me that didn’t have penicillin or sulfa in it!!! He scrolled down some list and said, “Ah, here’s one.” I don’t even know if it had anything to do with bladder infections but I didn’t have one anyway nor was I going to take it. I wish I had the balls I have now to speak up and tell him perhaps a new career was on his horizon.

I was already involved with holistic methods for healing and decided to visit a medical intuitive to find out what was lurking in my abdomen which MY OWN intuition told me was not a bladder infection. Within 2 minutes of my session I had my answer. It was a big, angry uterine fibroid! Yes, creating 2 or 3 symptoms similar to bladder trouble. She did recommend an ultra sound for more clarity. I scheduled my appointment and sure enough, there it was.

This post is not about bashing doctors or their overuse of prescription medication protocol. I would not judge someone who followed this regiment. We are taught to trust our medical professionals and believe that the years of training they always remind us of have given them an upper hand in knowing what’s going on in our bodies.

This important entry is about bringing awareness to You, letting you know that you have a right to speak up if a doctor’s opinion does not resonate with you in regards to your body and your health. You have the option to dig deeper, ask for more answers, go for a second opinion.

You may ask yourself, “But how can I possibly question a doctor? I have no medical training.”

What you do have is an intuitive connection to your own body!

Honor that. Recognize the importance of Being your body and having the ability to tune into what is going on inside of it. This is where Reiki and learning about life force energy can play a big role in your health and wellbeing. The more you work with Reiki, a tangible, undeniable vibration and flow of life force, the more aware you become of how it flows, or doesn’t flow, up and down your body.

I will walk you through an exercise that I typically teach clients to reconnect them to their body.

Close your eyes for a few moments and tune into your breath. Take time to breathe effortlessly and calmly and feel a connection to the natural rhythm of the breath. Your stomach will rise on the inhale and release during the exhale. Repeat. With each breath, you will begin to notice your circulation flowing more intensely, the pumping of your life force energy into your arms and fingers, legs and toes. Feel your body growing warmer as each breath fills you with consistent energy flow. Breathe in this manner until you feel you are fully present and tuned into your beautiful, energy-filled divine body.

After doing this exercise a few times, or even once, people instantly feel the energy coursing through their body. Then the magic happens. They start to feel where the flow stops! Where the block of energy is stagnant! Where the issue at hand is presenting itself to consciousness!

That’s where I step in and gently guide you through specific healing techniques to the root of the energy block. You will intuitively be shown the heart of the disharmony and to what in your life it is connected. This comes as a knowing or a feeling or an image in your mind’s eye of who or what is contributing to your block.

Trust in connection to your own body is acknowledged. Health can be achieved. From there, healing can proceed.

You can step into this exercise whenever and where ever you want. Even at the doctor’s office. Don’t be afraid to share with your medical practitioner if you have questions. If you want more answers before stepping into their recommendations.

There is nothing wrong with asking for clarification or expressing your intuition about Your Own Body.

There is everything right about intuitive self-care and connecting to the signals your body wants you to hear.

It is your right to be in charge of your own health.

Empower yourself.

Learn tools to help you be more confident in your connection to your own body and intuition when it comes to ease and order within. Reiki, meditation, and exercises to strengthen your intuitive connection to your body are my specialties. As a cancer survivor, and patient in the traditional healthcare system, I can teach you what I’ve learned in order to become more empowered and confident if health challenges occur. You have optoions and power. Let’s uncover both and have you take control of your own health and wellbeing.

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