The Evidence Grows

The Evidence Grows

Have you recently had a break-through moment or a thought that expanded your heart and reminded you that your resilience and hard work is now unfolding beautifully?
Just a few minutes ago, as I was driving my dog home from the vet, I realized that after several years as a healer and a teacher, I am Truly and daily Being and Embodying the words and energizes I talk about with my clients and friends 😃
I see how powerful the practice of the process really is. Over time, it is more clear. More tangible. However, yes, it takes practice to see and experience it in all areas of life.
Transformation had already occurred for me. I don’t know exactly when. It doesn’t even matter. The point is, I crossed some bridge or made some shift in my reality that consistency and faith gradually brought me to this eye-opening realization that this shit works!
What works? Well, first of all, acknowledging stress and struggle has existed in my life and body and that I was no longer going to accept ‘as it is a part of being human’, ‘such is life’, or agreeing to ‘occasionally it is bound to happen’. Hell no!
Secondly, being totally conscious of the fact that I DO create my own reality! If I don’t want something to show up, I have the power to create something else.
Will contrast show up? Well, yes. However, the magic IS what you choose with the contrast.
🤔 What do you call it?
🤨 How much energy do you give it?
😬 How long do you commensurate with it?
All very helpful questions that can dynamically shift how you play with contrast.
Would you like another word besides struggle? Or do you prefer that energy to define what you should do with it? Do you sit with it and allow it to stew in your head and body? It’s all just a choice. Just remember what you refer to as, or the amount of time it ripples through your physical self, it gives it the distinction between destruction or contribution as the contrast………
More tomorrow on shifting perceptions of contrasts!
Staying In Your own Boat

Staying In Your own Boat

Fourteen years a conscious healer and reality maker, I am finally uncovering my tricks and methods for staying in my own boat no matter what others around me are doing. This is truly phenomenal since one of my fun capacities is to go into others’ realities and see what’s going on. Well, I have been not aware of while there, I was copying and duplicating their plots and maneuvers even if they didn’t know how to steer their ship!

Do you ever find yourself doing that? Following along because you thought if they were doing it that way…..?

How many programs in our heads do we run and blindly follow like this?

We often define things as right or wrong, good or bad because it’s what we were told and we didn’t question the source.

Well, after several years of being aware that some of my choices felt off, kind of scewed however ‘right’ under the ‘by-laws’ of society, I began asking myself why that choice? Where is that coming from anyway? It started when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 and felt a strong desire to find a path that wasn’t on the medical protocol received from surgeons and oncologists. The protocol was stuffy, half-assed, and missing compassion and possibilities. How many others felt this way but jumped in THAT boat???? I chose to get my own boat!

14 years later I go sail more easily and joyfully in my own contraption on the water. It can look as I like it.
Better yet, I continue to ask more questions, like I did in 2005, and the wind stays true and violent-free the more I tend to my own boat and all of the techniques I can learn about staying on true course. Through the work of Reiki, Access Consciousness, Abraham, and Dr. Joe Dispenza, I soak up all of the fascinating methods for choosing my course, staying unaffected by others courses, and enjoying my ride whether others are or aren’t.

It is all about energy and staying connected to my own, aware of my own, and aware of when I am being someone else’s. It’s pure magic! Asking, “Who does this belong to?” when I feel like shit for instance. Oh, it changes everything!

It is my favorite course of action when I work with and co-create with clients. Who does this belong to is the #1 tool I start with when someone feels as if he or she is in turbulent or muddy water. Coasting the waves, the ups and downs of life and business and relationships, riding into the sunset, and enjoying the smooth, silky path, side by side, I remind others how they too have this inner compass within that if they stayed the course unapologetically, the waters become easy to navigate under all kinds of circumstances.

Looking for tips and strategies that keep you on course, on board your own ship, and skilled to encounter the obstacles you may face, visit the fun, individualized healing and intuitive life planning program we can create together Life on Purpose Coaching.




Meditation…… I’m curious about what comes to mind for you when you hear that word.

Does it sound like it would be a chore?

Do you find comfort in the process?

Are you unsure how to meditate, where to even begin?

If you are asked about it, do you think, “Oh, that would be nice but I don’t have time. Maybe tomorrow.”?

Here is a little experience I have had of late that may peak your interest about the practice of meditation. It was 2005, 14 years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. I started investigating simple practices that would assist and comfort me.

I began a daily meditation practice. I found meditations on YouTube and on cd’s I collected. Some meditations were guided and the gentle voice would give me pictures to create in my mind’s eye. Other examples were sounds that were meant to quiet the monkey brain and bring me to Theta waves where the mind can relax. It was such a useful tool in all of these forms, especially as I was managing a year of surgeries and cancer treatments. It quieted my thoughts and reduced my anxiety. Meditation contributed to my healing on a substantial level. Then, for some reason, I stopped……

I came up with all kinds of excuses. “It was too noisy at my house with two barking dogs, I’d rather be outside and be active, I could no longer sit and do something so passive….”

Well, I found other sources of creativity because that was another reason I was meditating, to tap into ideas and wisdom that I could access from my brain and intuition. However, these other processes I was using to access my inner being, as of late, have become very busy and overwhelming. My head is quite the resource! My connection to consciousness has also intensified so much so that ideas and thoughts have been flooding my awareness almost constantly. A few weeks ago I acknowledged that all of this creativity was creating havoc in the sense that I was aware of so much I could not keep up with it all. It threw me into a spiral. I couldn’t choose what to focus on so I was all over the place. I was not accomplishing anything to completion. Months of 100’s of ideas in notebooks and on my computer. All vying to be heard and expressed. To be put out into the world. It all became so much noise. I froze not knowing which direction to turn. Lost. Tired. Brain fried. Until last week……..

Last week I began meditating again. The relief has been like a gift from heaven. My soul is so grateful. My brain is delighted. And my ideas and creative sources are just giddy with excitement. Why? When all of my dreams and desires and ideas want to speak at the same time, as exciting as that is, I close my eyes, breathe deeply, listen to some soft music, the frenzy stops, and the calm begins. I do not open my eyes until my mind has had at least 5 minutes of quiet time. This is a practiced knowing of how long it has been. Five minutes of peace to rest the brain, just as you would a muscle during a workout, and then each idea takes a turn to gently unfold. From this space of centered peace, I write down each one. Then, quietly and with ease, I can choose which one to work with first as the others are beautifully stored on my phone ;-).

Meditation, quieting of the mind, giving you a chance to center and regain control. The thoughts will not fly away! If you think they might, write them down before you close your eyes. Then, after the stillness, you can return to them, one by one, when you are ready.

If you would like a taste of some quiet time, feel free to download this gentle guided meditation I’ve created after one of my meditations. Fresh from the calm stillness of my mind to you…. Enjoy!


Where Have Your Great Ideas Gone?

Recently, I have chosen to acknowledge that the space of creating and planning is joy and excitement for me.
At some point, within that space, I was choosing to stay. It is quite lovely there. Here.
Talking about what’s in the works, the great ideas, and what’s bubbling and brewing.
Dancing with the creations as I dream about what can be contributed into the world, to the hungry souls that may enjoy what I offer. What my creations offer.
It is so fun to speak of and IMAGINE what these creations can produce and become. And then……….
I jump ship! Wait a minute! That idea, that creation, yesterday, even 2 minutes ago, I considered it amazing and what a gift it would be alive in the world. I leave these beautiful gifts with unwrapped potential just sitting there on this ship in the middle of the sea with no one to enjoy them except for me.
Why do I do this? What is the benefit for me if I abandon my beloved creations? What have I made so valuable about leaving them behind, untapped, unfulfilled, unactualized?
I look deeper into this concept.
* Abandoned in the fun stage
* Left unwrapped for no one to see
* Drifting away from shore where they will not be discovered unless by chance
* Untouched potential floating out to sea
What am I afraid of?
* Untouched, unwrapped they will not be judged
* Unfulfilled, unactualized I will not be judged
* Untapped, abandoned I prove I have nothing of value to give
I have already concluded and decided, BASED on PAST experience, BEFORE all of my new trainings and new passions that have emerged, that these creations with fall to the crickets.
Ten years ago, with no background or knowledge of business or offering services to people outside of the classroom, I bombed. Of course I did. I was a preschool teacher and had only offered out to others what I knew best: taking care of young children. I killed it! Those services that is! Everyone looked to me for babysitting and nannying. I taught during the day and made a bundle in the evenings. Kids. Kids. Kids. I had that aced.
When I went beyond my comfort zone, and started offering something like Reiki that some people weren’t even sure they needed, it was a different story. People KNOW when they need a babysitter. Only a select few KNOW they need Reiki, or something for self-care. What the hell even is self-care??? Who has time for it??? Who wants to pay for something they don’t even KNOW if they would benefit from it? How do you tell someone they need Reiki? You don’t. You can’t. Not really.
This is where my doubts and fears are coming from, even 10 years later. The conclusions that I’m still the same person. Even though I am hardly recognizable and have formed a huge networking circle that goes way beyond the preschool classroom. I love going almost everywhere in the city where I live and bumping into at least 2 or 3 people I know. I do classes regularly at local spiritual stores, have a lovely list of returning, happy clients, and really fun and amazing feedback.
Yet, the unveiling and unsuccessful execution of a few ideas and classes from 10 FREAKING years ago have continued to stop me and my NEW creations from expanding and bursting into Being. Stop dead in our tracks. Left drifting and rocking on the ship with no destination.
They call to me OFTEN. “Hello! I’m still here! Whenever you’re ready. Just come and get me. This potential and the infinite possibilities of all that you keep asking for is here, floating aimlessly in the waters of the deep blue forgotten sea. I will not give up on you. Unwrapped and waiting for you to let go of your past conclusions and inexperienced flops.
Your experiences and choices and trainings since then have expanded with such magnitude.
We are not on a sinking ship. We are here when you are ready.
When you choose to ask how you can NOW actualize us.
When you choose, we are here. We wait. We do not give up or give in. Or ever quit.
It is simply a choice.”
As I ask, you may have ideas and dreams that come to mind that for whatever reason you left on the back burner, or abandoned them on a ship.
Whether someone told you they did not matter, or you doubt your own capacity to actualize dreams, they await your attention. They do not quit.
Do they talk to you like mine do?
Or, do you often see a sign from them that they still exist?
You may say, “Oh yah! I remember that idea. That book. That class. Maybe it’s time for you to come out and play…”
Maybe it’s time for us to get over the underlying reasons we abandoned them. There was a purpose for their ability to stir you one time or another.
Is that passion still there? And your conclusions without validity stand in the way of your creations being created? Take a minute and recall some ideas that sparked your soul.
It doesn’t matter how long ago. Does your body still light up when you think about them.
What do you know now you didn’t know then that can contribute to their potential and actualization?
What do you know now you hadn’t realized could help them NOW?
As an Energy Detective, it’s always been a gift of mine to support others to see and actualize THEIR dreams as possible. Hope. Clarity. Expansion.
It is fun for me to share tools for people to open the lens of what they have been choosing not to see.
You see, it isn’t about you, or I, not being ABLE TO actualize them or not see why you have been struggling with them. It is about being READY to see and choosing something that will change it.
I have taken people to their own boats they’ve left and together have explored what they can now offer their creations since they last thought of them.
Then, energetically and thoughtfully, go under any reasons they haven’t returned to their creations and dreams. If they choose to return, if the projects are still alive with passion and determination, I help to clear the why’s and get to the how’s.
“I’m choosing. Now what?”
Ready to climb aboard and go find your ship of unwrapped gifts and potential???
Release the old conclusions.
Talk to those creations.
Unwrap them.
And let’s get them moving and shaking!
Any questions????
If this sounds fun for you, if you have ideas, books, songs, classes, or…..that you’d love to bring to life again, rekindle your passion for their potency and yours.
Mentoring options are available that will provide you with the tools to unveil those creations with new eyes and new passion. The program is called ‘Re-Discovering My Great Bright Light’ and you choose which of the 3 levels you’d like to explore with the actualizing of your creations in mind.
I look forward to witnessing the unwrapping of you your creations and your potential!

Sometimes It’s Just Quiet

I planned soooo much for this week quiet and alone at the coast.
What I did do…
Sat and stared at the waves with not a single creative awareness to speak of
Walked the dogs I’m babysitting on the beach
Cuddled with kitties
Tried watching netflix
Restless sleep, not feeling well since the eclipse
Judged myself for not getting anything done
Took way too much time trying to decipher if I could hear the waves from the ocean or highway traffic
Found a couple of fun Access telecalls in my inbox
Acknowledging I actually don’t know what specifically my life path is…yet(I say yet since it’s been 12 years :- /)
There are no more clouds in Oregon, even at the coast in the morning
I feel guilty whether it’s my dogs or someone else’s if I’m not entertaining them enough
No matter how shitty or badly I feel for being unproductive or lazy or confused
💜 I know it is only temporary 💜
As long as I’m being me, going into the shit, allowing the shit, choosing when I move on from the shit, as long as I’m being me for me and not trying to be someone for someone else, I be happy under it all. 

Follow the quiet.
Fall into the soundless space of no work.
Rest in the silence.
No reason to force.
Where allowance meets expansion.
Where was I taught that was wrong?
Who told me I must be doing and getting things done?
I banish the thoughts that are not even mine.
Relish in the peace.
I am. I am. I am.

Love you 😘