Introduction to Animal healing:
reiki level 1 & animal connection

This is a certification class that offers you the full Reiki Level 1, Shoden Reiki training. Additionally, this class will incorporate unique communication components for animals. There is a slightly different approach we must recognize depending on if the session is geared for humans or animals. Level 2, Okuden Reiki training and ‘Starting An Animal Reiki Business’ courses will be offered as continuing education for healers interested in becoming professional Animal Reiki Practitioners.

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Learning from Indigo

I teach Reiki fully and completely, combining the Western practice with the Japanese Reiki System which is overflowing with beautiful rituals and ceremony.

In this training I provide, you will feel the power of healing and personal growth as Usui Sensei did using his own culture to form the foundation of his teachings. Learning Reiki at Indigo Healings is receiving the gift of many lineages, the research compiled by the top Reiki Teachers in the world, and the pure energy of my sincere desire to walk you through the sacred material. 

As humans have evolved in brain capacity over time, we have forgotten and lost touch with our innate abilities. If we observe the animal kingdom, which we are a part of, animals have the capacity to connect to the forces of nature and communicate without the use of words. Far more than we acknowledge, we humans are still wired in this way. Please read below.




Level 1

Animal Reiki course

Learning the Japanese System of Reiki, and then applying that to our animal companions, opens this profound door to our true abilities. These include the more evolved aspects as well as our instinctive powers. During the learning and practicing of Japanese Reiki, we are reminded of the energy beings we are meant to be. We remember that we are directly connected to Source and Nature and healing energies. At all times.

If you are being called to heal and connect with our animal counterparts, this beautiful path will lead you to your own innate ability to:

  • Heal yourself.
  • Help others embrace their healing.
  • Understand and connect energetically with others and Nature — a knowing that simply comes to you effortlessly.
  • Sense and perceive more than just what can be seen, heard, or felt.
  • Know, without judgment or projection, what is required in any given moment.
Dog receiving hands-on reiki.



Level 1

Japanese Reiki

Focuses primarily on the student learning and practicing the traditional teachings. The compassionate understanding of the Reiki system enables one to create and nourish the mind and energy that will be of most benefit to the wellbeing of self and others. If we are to help and support other people, animals, and the planet, we must first care for our own spirit. The first section of this class is learning the principles, meditations, and practices that are the foundation of Japanese Reiki.

  1. What is Reiki
  2. 5 Principals of Reiki
  3. Meditations—Kenyoku ho and Joshin ho
  4. Understanding of the 3 Reiki Energy Centers on the body
  5. Receiving Reiju/Attunements
  6. Learn the steps for session preparation
  7. Practicing hands-on
  8. Creating a personalized daily practice
  9. What to expect after class
  10. A plan to stay in touch days and weeks after as your energy, body, and mind modify to the effects of the healings and new practices
indigo healing reiki portland oregon

As additional support, I will arrange individual meetings to help students apply and develop confidence with the teachings and Reiki work with animals. This will include discussing the benefits of scheduling practice time with animals (one if it is simply your own) and what a case study assignment could look like (if you would like to be an Animal Reiki professional/business owner).

I am so excited to get started and share the phenomenal Reiki teachings and techniques with you for the animals! It will be an honor to offer you the doorway to your magical gifts so you can expand your love and work in such a powerful and unconditional way.

*$50 deposit for all levels due upon registration of class.

Reiki training provides flexibility to schedule classes to fit your needs, allows you to work at your own pace, and enables me to meet you where you're at in your spiritual journey. All class are held at Indigo Healings.

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"It takes a different approach when you are more aware and perhaps overwhelmed by the intensity of what you are sensing."


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