Access Bars® sessions

Access Bars® is all about “including everything and judging nothing.” It is a health and wellness modality that includes gentle energy and bodywork, classes for transformation, certified facilitators, and creation exercises. What it does is provide the world with tools to empower us to choose, change, and create the life we desire. Even if you do not have a clue what that is, since you have spent your whole life living a life someone else created, these practical tools give you clarity and power to design a life of joy and ease.

Questions to ask yourself: Whose reality have you been living? Have you spent your whole life pleasing, fulfilling, and following culture, your family, and friends? Can you stop and consider a time when you said something, hesitated, and somewhere inside of you had this sinking feeling that you did not believe or resonate with what just said?

Your infinite being, and clarity, is on the other side of your Access Bars® session!

It all begins with 32 points on the head, Access Bars®. Here is the description of this powerful session I offer to the world: HERE

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Healing with INDIGO

I invite you to experience an Access Bars session and start getting rid of what keeps stopping you from having the life you desire. These thoughts and ideas solidify themselves in your body as stuck energy. There are 32 points on the head, when lightly touched, will activate the body to release this solidification.

What is the benefit for you? A life, your life, filled with the magical possibilities you were not willing to have or acknowledge that are yours for the asking. Once you discharge the old crap keeping you from thinking you can’t have anything except what you have now, anything is possible. The Universe, AND YOU, are truly infinite.

It is what it is or would you prefer to CHANGE what is?



Access Bars​

An Access Bars session has the capacity to discharge your thoughts, self-limitations and judgments, and your doubts holding you in place, spinning the hamster wheel, trying everything yet still going nowhere. 
You don’t have any doubts about yourself or your life choices, do you?

Schedule your 90 minute Access Bars Session today.

indigo healing reiki portland oregon

*$50 deposit due upon registration

Are you ready to undo others’ beliefs, thoughts, and conclusions that have been deeply ingrained in your being and step into your own consciousness? Expand, create, and finally live your life. Contact me today to learn more, or to schedule a consultation call. 

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"It takes a different approach when you are more aware and perhaps overwhelmed by the intensity of what you are sensing."


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